Confidently Lost Intention Mist

Confidently Lost Intention Mist


This intention spray assist with opening the crown + third eye chakra to help raise your consciousness and help you feel protected. Great to use when meditating or mist whenever you feel you anxious. 


Infused with Amethyst which radiates pure peace and tranquility. This gentle but powerful stone opens the third eye and will awaken your inner spirituality. It clears and soothes the mind for meditation, allowing space to raise your consciousness.


How to use: Spray on yourself, whenever, to raise consciousness or whenever you feel you need peace! Always mist with intention, you can say your mantra aloud. Here is a line from the song Confidently Lost by Sabrina Claudio which inspired this collection: "I'm alone but I'm not lonely, confidently indulging and trying to get to know me."




    Amethyst chips, Moon Water, Rose Water, Witch Hazel, Glycerin, Lavender + Eucalyptus essential oil blend. 


    2 oz bottle

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The playlist was a PLUS!

5.0 150 People love it

Keya M.

I mean, the ‘level up’ candle—omg! I absolutely loved burning both that candle and the ‘confidently lost’ candle. They are thoughtfully poured/created. Will definitely purchase again and again.

Soulmate candle

5.0 150 People love it


It has the perfect amount of scent and is simply beautiful to watch burn.

The Best

5.0 150 People love it


Literally the best I kid you not. I used the pearls right after my cycle and when I tell you it cleaned out everything I loved this and I highly recommend everyone to shop please

It’s lit

5.0 150 People love it


I love this spray

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